Theater Designs

CinemAcoustic Solutions is dedicated to making your dream home theater design a reality. Our home theaters offer the best possible reproduction of picture and sound and optimized to deliver the ultimate home entertainment experience. Your home theater design can be equipped with high quality projectors, superior speakers, special screens, luxurious seating, and acoustical treatments, or you can simplify your home theater by adding an Automated System with touch screens, lighting control, motorized screens, and automatic shades.

Home theater design optimizations may include:

  • A large video display located at the correct viewing height and at the optimal distance from the seats
  • Acoustic Wall Treatments
  • Two rows of dedicated home theater seats/sofas
  • 12” high rear seating stage
  • Ability to darken the room to pitch or near black
  • Lighting design specific to the needs of watching movies
  • Speakers located at precisely the best locations for accurate playback of multi-channel soundtracks

Cannes Festival Premier Collection

  • Designed to retro fit a standard room size up to 18×27
  • Featuring Hi-per Panel superior acoustic performance
  • Affordable pricing to fit any budget

Premium Collection

  • Highest possible performance at a reasonable price
  • Pre-packaged and elegant designs to choose from
  • Packages includes acoustic panels, columns, proscenium with speaker cowl, and base and crown trims

Our Pledge

CSi pledges to bring your wish to life, and to continue exceeding expectations and maintaining impeccable customer service, even after the sale.